(In no particular order)
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The New Parish Hall 2010

The Old Parish Hall - Demolished in 2010
Haye Farm - One of the oldest farms in the parish
Ashwater Railway Station in the days of steam!
The Village Green
Boxing Day Meet 2009 (Outside the Village Inn)
The Campaign to save the Post Office in 2008

This photo was captioned "Ashwater Council Houses"
-----But it looks like the School to me!
Whoops! Ice on the road at Ashmill- winter 2009
Wembley House

Bell Cottage
Clifton House
Horticultural Show - 2008
Dog Show - 2009
When this sign went up we knew the long wait was nearly over!

The finished version (Front View)
The back view - sorry about the scaffolding they were installing the solar panels.
The PO closed 22nd December 2009 - commemorative envelopes franked and stamped.
Valley View
Post Office Hill
Becketts Farm (circa 1940's?)
The New Village Shop 'Flys In' during November 2010
The Horticultural Tent 2010, photos and some produce waiting for the judges!
Joint Agricultural Show Presidents, Ruth Carrol and Rodney Brock present the 'Best in Show' Cup 2010
Rush Hour in Ashwater
Rockey's Hill Strikes Again!
The Human Fruit Machine (Fund Raising for the Community Shop) 2010
Ashwater FC - Cup Winners 2010
Southern Marsh Orchid - Ashwater has a rich tapestry of wild flowers
Cinnebar Caterpillar Devouring Ragwort
Goldfinch - large flocks congregate along the hedgerows and verges in Autumn
Prepared For Winter
Blue Bells In Ashwater
Cross Lanes, Ashwater
Tree Planting at the New Hall
Dog Show Novelty Class 2009!

Church and Hall (The Latter Nearing Completion)