Ashwater Methodist Church
(now closed) 

The Manse, North Road, 
Holsworthy, EX22 6HF Telephone: 01409 253286
The Chapel is now closed, but the following may be of interest.

The Chapel was built in 1865 just outside the village, on land provided by a local farmer
Until the Deed of Union in 1932 there were several branches of the Methodist Church and Ashwater was "Bible Christian"
We still have pretty china recording that fact
The architecture is typical of the day
The single-storey School Room was originally the village day-school
Some of the Congregation

Chapel Interior
The interior of the Chapel was renovated in 1997 but original features, such as the pews with doors, have been retained
The pulpit is moveable which gives space for music and drama
The Chapel is on the outskirts of the village, just round the corner from the Primary School
Children making Treasure Maps
We are really fortunate in having the School Room attached to the Chapel because it gives space for activities
There is also a beautifully tended graveyard